Monday, 9 March 2015

The owl and the pussycat: Gelli prints with caligo inks

One of the other women on the Facebook Gelli printing group I am a member of recently turned me onto caligo safe wash relief inks and i have to say I am hooked!  I love how transparent the layers are,  the delicious smell (smells like art school. . Linseed oil. .) And the longer drying time therefore longer working time. 

So here's some photos of my work in progress.  I chose the subject of the owl and the pussycat for two reasons: I was inspired by the shape of waves that I saw on my shower curtain,  and also I'm taking part in an exhibition later this year with some other artists in which the theme is "Le chat" (the cat) and I'm getting my head around catty themes!

So I cut some stencils from plastic wallet dividers and printed many layers of sea using my new inks (I mixed the colours myself)

I made little foam stamps for the owl and the pussycat. 

Amd once it was all dry drew into them with paint pens.

I will have these up for sale in my etsy shop as prints soon here

And here's the link to the Gelli arts page with lots of hints and tips!


Shells said...

Love this artwork Lucy, well done and thanks for showing us the steps.

Anonymous said...

Love your soft blue waves and unique carvings. The Owl and the Pussycat is a favorite poem for me. Really beautiful

Art by Lucy Brydon said...

Thanks Michelle!

Art by Lucy Brydon said...

Thank You seaslay!

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