Tuesday, 3 June 2014

101 Art Days: Day 3

Here's a little fairy. She is called Feeorin

I created her using layers of paper, drips of acrylic and painted her using oils. 

I am feeling so inspired by the group of artists I am working with, to create all these art pieces in 101 days. We are really motivating each other, encouraging and inspiring. 

Someone in the group suggested compiling some themes to work by, and I have mentally noted some of my own. One of which is fairy folk so here is the first one. 

Monday, 2 June 2014

101 Art Days, Day 2: 

continuing with the Native American theme today, as I had more than one background already prepared. 

This one had an image of a Native American girl, some old maps of the United States, and a stamp in the corner. I had overlaid it with a stencil of a flying bird.

 Work in progress adding layers of oil paint

And here she is just about finished I think. I am going to call it "Earth teach me freedom (as the eagle soars high)"

Someone asked me today why I chose a Native American subject matter... Well, a long time ago I spent a whole summer on a reservation, the Blackfoot reservation in Montana, helping out with a family business, going to ceremonies and gathering information for my history of art dissertation. Since then I have had an interest in their culture, but also the cultures of Nomadic people in general..gypsies, travellers, Native Americans... (psst this may be a hint for the book idea!!) 

Sunday, 1 June 2014

101 Art days: Day 1!

Well, 101 art days got off to a flying start. I do so hope I can keep up the momentum. 
I decided to start of by reworking some old pieces I am no longer happy with, and also I have some backgrounds I have prepared which I have never done anything with, so now is the ideal opportunity to get going with these and no longer have them as failures or unfinished pieces laying around my house!
I made 3 Native American inspired backgrounds last year, and dug one of them out to work on today.

 I have been mulling over an idea in my head lately for an illustrated book, and while I don't want to give too much away I will just say that these backgrounds were the ideal starting point and I'm kind of thinking these 101 art days might just be the push I need to do something about it. 

So I painted a Native American girl onto the canvas to go with the background.

Here are some details showing the background

I haven't come up with a title yet, I shall mull it over first... 

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