Monday, 2 June 2014

101 Art Days, Day 2: 

continuing with the Native American theme today, as I had more than one background already prepared. 

This one had an image of a Native American girl, some old maps of the United States, and a stamp in the corner. I had overlaid it with a stencil of a flying bird.

 Work in progress adding layers of oil paint

And here she is just about finished I think. I am going to call it "Earth teach me freedom (as the eagle soars high)"

Someone asked me today why I chose a Native American subject matter... Well, a long time ago I spent a whole summer on a reservation, the Blackfoot reservation in Montana, helping out with a family business, going to ceremonies and gathering information for my history of art dissertation. Since then I have had an interest in their culture, but also the cultures of Nomadic people in general..gypsies, travellers, Native Americans... (psst this may be a hint for the book idea!!) 

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