Sunday, 18 January 2015

Blending Gelli prints with photos

Here's something that takes Gelli printing to a new level! I've been experimenting with blending layers of photos together as part of the colab artistry course with Alena Hennessy and Susan Tuttle.  In this course Alena introduces painting backgrounds and photographing them to incorporate into your photo art.

So I thought. .. Why not try it with Gelli prints too! The first photo is of a Gelli print I made. . Using several layers of textures,  grasses and stencils.  The second photo is of my local hill. .It's got a lovely distinctive shape doesn't it!

The final photo is of the two blended together in layers in my Android apps. This one was photoblender but I also love superimpose. 

What do you think? 

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Lisa said...

It's beautiful! Thank you for showing the original print and photo separate from the final piece. I would not have understood the actual technique as well if you hadn't. Seeing the progression is so exciting to's like watch the artists wheels turn inside their heads. I love your work.

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